Education Quality Upgradation and Inclusion Programme (EQUIP)

EQUIP is the Central Government’s endeavour towards ushering transformations in India’s higher education system by implementing strategic interventions in the sector over  a  period of five years  (2019 – 2024). With  a  vision  to achieve  quality,  inclusivity,  and  excellence in higher education and  to empower institutions  to contribute significantly towards fuelling the nation’s progress, the Department  of  Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development has constituted 10 expert groups to design and formulate an Action Plan on Higher Education titled ‘Education Quality Upgradation and Inclusion Programme (EQUIP).

Objectives of EQUIP

  • Harness education technology.
  • Promote research and innovation ecosystems.
  • Introduce Governance reforms in higher education.
  • Double the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) in higher education.
  • Achieve quantum increase in investments in higher education.
  • Resolve the geographically skewed access to Higher Edu Inst in India.
  • Achieve globally acceptable quality standards in higher Edu across country.
  • Position at least 20 Indian institutions among the top global higher education institutions.

Further details about the expert groups constituted to conceive the Action Plan along with their respective thematic areas can be found on the following Office Memorandum released by the Department of Higher education, MHRD on 26th March, 2019.

Download the EQUIP Office Memorandum

EQUIP CONSULTATION PROCESS: The consultation process for developing the EQUIP Action Plan was facilitated and supported by NHERC. After the formation of the 10 expert committees, close to 20 consultation meetings in total were held by these committees under the leadership of each of the committee Chairpersons in order to identify existing challenges in the given thrust areas, submit policy recommendations and strategies, and devise a roadmap for implementation of the proposed intervention strategies. Each committee drafted a detailed report outlining all the aforementioned components. The reports prepared by each committee were presented at the 3 day Higher Education Policy Retreat 2019.

CONSOLIDATION OF THE FINAL EQUIP ACTION PLAN: After conclusion of the Policy Retreat, the designed strategies were further refined by the committees based on the suggestions and recommendations received during the sessions at the retreat in order to make them more viable optimal, effective and sustainable. NHERC assisted MHRD in synthesizing the reports of all 10 committees into one comprehensive action plan document. The final action plan was launched by MHRD on June 28, 2019.