We Propel Transformations in Higher Education by..

Harnessing our expertise at research & advocacy, monitoring & evaluation, and capacity building to manifest the country’s collective vision of revolutionising its higher education institutions and policy praxis into reality.

We conduct actionable research to capture empirical insights from the state higher education ecosystem which can inform its stakeholders and leaders while tackling critical issues intrinsic to higher education. NHERC aspires to strengthen RUSA’s implementation by leveraging its research expertise to enable the creation of a resilient higher education ecosystem in the country.

We empower decision makers in state higher education systems to devise effective, inclusive and sustainable policies by putting forward recommendations supported with evidence arising from our research. Our advocacy efforts, tools, and resources catalyse innovative reforms in higher education policy.

We are striving towards crafting reliable platforms to continuously monitor the performance of state higher education institutions and systems with active participation from its stakeholders. NHERC is building a robust MIS to capture data on higher education at the state and institutional levels based on relevant indicators.

By leveraging the data captured on monitoring platforms, we come up with critical evaluation reports that make visible the transformation that the state higher education systems in the country has undergone over the years since RUSA’s advent and intervention.

The number of HEIs is on a rise and for them to be able to impart knowledge and skills to the young population in an inclusive and equitable manner, they require excellent leaders and administrators.to enable them to function effectively in their domains within the Higher Education System.

Our data platforms and systems at work churn out robust evidence to advance data-driven decision making by the government in the higher education sector. We work towards equipping higher education decision makers with reliable insights to enable impactful public policy reforms and strengthen governance in the sector.